Awesome 13: The Life you Save may be your Own.

It’s not every day you get to ride a camel, but one day, it will be. And on that day, I suggest you skip it, because camel riding is not as awesome as you think it is. Nevertheless, Day 13 of Awesome involves camels. But instead of lying to you and saying my camel ride was awesome, I will instead say this: surviving a camel ride practically unharmed is awesome!

Trish and I were greeted by a stern-faced 20 year old who acted as if leading two American girls on a camel through the desert at sunset was about as appealing as eating a handful of glass. And now, in retrospect, I can see that that was probably true. He had us hop on the temperamental Camels and as they angrily stood up, I realized how much taller and angrier they were then their relatives, Horses, who coincidentally absolutely hate my guts.

We spent the next 50 minutes with our thighs squeezing the camels as tight as we could, white-knuckles gripping the makeshift saddle, and exchanging terrified glances and uneasy laughter, while our leader lazily walked ahead, mumbling Arabic curses back at us. We had no way to ask him why the camels hated us, or if we were going to survive the journey, or even when the hell it was going to end. When we were on the homestretch and could see the car that was to take us back to safety, and i thought we were finally in the clear, I felt a strong lurch as my camel decided at that exact second, to give up and lay down. My kitten-like reflexes set in, seconds away from being fully crushed by the gigantic animal, and I was able to leap out of danger in the nick of time.

I walked the rest of the way.

Please, warn your friends and family about the dangers of Camel riding. Even if I just save one persons day from being ruined, it will be worth it, and therefore, awesome.

If you still think camels are awesome, ignore this post and read what everyone else is doing that is awesome at

And if none of that is awesome enough for you, try to imagine what is happening in this skype conversation:

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  1. Jessie

    Im glad you weren’t smushed by a camel.

  2. Mom

    Camels hate blondes.

  3. Rod and Anna

    What a journey you’re having!! We love the reports of your awesome adventures. Have fun and then some more fun. xx Anna and Rod

  4. ClaireBear

    of all things that are dangerous when traveling.. camels WOULD be it for kait mcnally